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At George Darte Funeral Chapel Inc., we strive to help families honour those they love through top-quality funeral services that serve as an important first step in the grieving and healing process.

Whether clients opt for a customary religious service or a non-traditional celebration of life, we’re committed to providing first-class services with dignity, compassion and unmatched excellence.

There are nearly 100 decisions that must immediately be made when a loved one passes away, including whether to opt for burial or cremation, where the burial site will be, if there will be an open or closed casket, and if you would prefer to receive charitable donations in lieu of flowers.

It can be an overwhelming process during an already tremendously challenging time, but since our beginnings in 1911, we have worked to establish a tradition of trust.

We work one-on-one with each and every client to provide personalized burial, cremation and funeral services that help celebrate the lives of loved ones.

At George Darte Funeral Chapel Inc., we don’t believe in impersonal, universal services; your loved one deserves to be remembered in a special and unique way.

We offer:

Multi-Functional Facilities

Our facility provides multi-functional rooms that can be assembled in whatever way suits the needs of our grieving clients. Whether you wish to have a religious service, a non-traditional ceremony or a celebration of life, our venue will accommodate whatever decision you make.

A Variety of Unique Keepsake Items

Commemorative keepsake items can help those who are mourning during the difficult grieving process. From cremation jewelry to Thumbies (made from fingerprints of the deceased), our keepsake items are a wonderful way to honour and remember those no longer with us.

A Wide Selection of Caskets and Urns

Whether you’re seeking a traditional wooden casket or a personalized urn, we strive to offer a variety of options to suit your needs and to honour the deceased. We’ll work with you to choose the option that best suits your needs and budget, lessening the stress and heartache associated with funeral planning.


Our funeral home is equipped to allow videography services during funerals and memorials.

A recording is wonderful way to capture your loved one’s memory, and to record the sentiments of those in attendance.

Recording of Funeral Services

Horse-Drawn Hearse

Give a nod to our history with an elegant horse-drawn hearse for funeral services. This is a unique way to transport your loved one to and from his or her final services.

Family Aftercare Follow-Up

We understand the grieving process is a difficult one. That’s why we offer family aftercare follow-up; we want to ensure the service for your loved one not only exceeded your expectations, but also that you’re coping with the loss.

Our team of specialists is here for you, whether it’s been days, weeks, or months since the passing of a loved one.

Personalized Stationery

Our team will work with you to provide unique and memorable stationery to honour the memory of your loved one. Whether you’d like a unique funeral program, or personalized holy cards, bookmarks, and/or registration books, your loved one’s memory will be beautifully expressed.  


Whether you’re pre-planning for yourself or coordinating the service for a loved one, sports team pennants for our hearse are a wonderful way to commemorate the memory of the deceased and their love of the game.

Sports Team Pennants

Military Veterans Honour Walk

A military veterans honour walk celebrates the service and dedication of those who bravely served our country. Ask us how we can work with you to personalize the walk, and honour the memory of our service members.

Kristen French Fellowship Hall

A venue that can accommodate up to 120 guests for pre or post-funeral receptions, the Kristen French Fellowship Hall is able to serve beer and wine and is fully-catered.


Many people choose to incorporate music into a funeral or memorial service; it’s a wonderful way to create a soothing atmosphere for those in attendance.

We have established relationships with a number of talented musicians that are able to provide their services either in our facility or graveside.

Life Appreciation Trained Funeral Event Planners

Life Appreciation Trained Funeral event planners are trained professionals that will help you as you plan for the funeral or memorial service of a loved one. With their specialized training, Life Appreciation Trained event planners are equipped to plan a service as unique as your loved one.

Pre-Arranged Funeral Specialists

Gain some peace of mind knowing that once you’re gone, your family and friends will not be burdened with the intense and emotional planning of a funeral.

Our pre-planning specialists will work with you to ensure your wishes are met, and that once you’re gone, your loved ones will be taken care of.

Concierge Service

A funeral concierge can provide you with advice regarding all end-of-life decisions, whether you’re pre-planning a funeral, or are in the midst of planning a service for a loved one that has suddenly passed away.

Personalized Website Tribute

A personalized website page is a wonderful way to pay tribute to those who have passed away. With the ability to add eulogies and photographs, personalized websites are becoming an increasingly popular option for clients.

A personalized website also allows visitors to pay tribute to the deceased with messages of remembrance and love.

Personalized Tribute Website

George Darte Funeral Home

Family and friends coming together to honour a loved one’s life is one of the most important steps in the grieving process; funerals allow those who are mourning the chance to come together during a time of tremendous loss and grief and to celebrate the life of the person that has passed away.

Let George Darte Funeral Chapel Inc. help you create a unique and memorable service, and celebrate a life well-lived.