To the George Darte Team, 

I would like to thank you for all the help and caring you showed to our family.  It meant so much and helped us through this difficult time. 

The Gore family 

Dear George and Staff, 

Thank you for all your donation to the United Way in memory of Ingrid. We appreciate the compassion, care and sensitivity shown to us during this difficult time. 

The Edmondstone Family

George Darte Staff, 

Thank you so much for the Kindness + Support shown to our families during this difficult time. 

The Valcoff Family

Josephine ,

We want to thank you for all you have helped us with over the past few years. It's been so appreciated. Thanks also for the donation to the United Way on behalf of Bob.
Sincerely, Mike Rutka, Pat & Colin Robinson  (the Miklitch Family)

Thank you George for the best send off for Terri. She will be dearly missed by all. You all have made it so much easier for us. Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts. Terri would have been amazed by all the class acts that were performed by the staff and prior staff of the funeral home.

Ami, Bobby and George Lake

Dear George, Gregory Darte and Staff 

The kindness and professionalism that you and your staff showed us from the moment we stepped in the door for our brother Michael Berry, until we parted ways at the grave site meant so much and will not be forgotten. 

Sincerely Liz, Mike and Jennifer

My dad, Reinhard Neske, passed away in September 2013. We used the services of George Darte and were very pleased – but I never wrote to tell you so. I did make some notes after the funeral, fully intending to write, but never got around to it.
Since it is the 3rd anniversary of his passing, I’ve been remembering the events around that week in September. I’ve also participated in the funeral arrangements of several family members (not in St. Catharines) to which I have compared my experience with George Darte. My parents prearranged with George Darte because you were recommended by another family member.
I wish I could remember the name of the staff member who assisted us, Greg? My dad was very organized and paid attention to details – and so did this staff member. Many little requests I had were handled promptly and courteously. He allowed me to make changes from the prearranged plan. He gave me guidance in making decisions without being pushy. I appreciated his help with some wording in the obituary and I like the way your computer was set up to type/view/edit. I really liked the way the viewing room was arranged. There were no surprises, everything was well explained. His manner was totally sincere and professional. He did nice team work with our Pastor Juritsch.
Then there were several things about the funeral home I appreciated which I haven’t experienced with others I’ve been apart of arrangements at. Chocolate chip cookies are a comfort food – how fitting to have them at a funeral home where grieving family members need comfort. It was a hot day in September at the graveside. In the limo I said how I wish I had remembered my water. The driver instantly produced bottles of chilled water – and almost made me cry again with that touch of tenderness by being so prepared! The pictures were all returned to me wrapped in tissue paper – that shows a lot of care for the articles of the deceased. You also gave us a framed picture with a verse on it which my mom still has in the living room. And if all that wasn’t enough – you even did a donation to United Way in memory of my dad! Thank you! I appreciate all these caring touches of George Darte funeral home and would certainly recommend it to others.
Yours truly,
Linda Alder

I love this site and the fact that you can add special notes for the family! I live over 800 miles away and it helps me and the family I am sure.               

Wayne M.

Dear Mr. Darte,

I was the pianist at the Hradsky family funeral yesterday and I want to tell you how impressed I was with the general feeling of caring I saw and felt and more specifically how professional, well organized and sensitive you were. As a church organist/pianist I have been at many funerals but this felt exceptional to me. You set the right tone and were even cognizant of what was required in the Catholic liturgy. Wow!

Thank you again,

Gerry B.


I came to St. Catharines from England for the service of my mother, Antonia Umpleby last Thursday. It was a very difficult time for my sister and I and the circumstances were unusual.

I was so impressed with the way you all managed things, from the initial welcoming, to handling a most difficult situation with the minister, and then with Mike leading prayers. It was a service that was quickly put together by family and friends, but a beautiful one none the less and we are very grateful to you and your team.

Thank you again,

Sheelagh C.

Dear George,

John and I wish to extend a very special thanks especially to you, also the entire staff for their caring, supportive and special professional service we received. Fr. Jack would have been so grateful. I appreciate you saying how much he touched your heart and was a real friend. I assume you saw him often after fifty years as a parish priest. Sorry we did not get this off sooner but we are still coughing from the colds we caught.

We have lost three of our six children, so we can say, "Your the best!"

Take care of yourself and God bless you,

Jack's baby sister Mary and Johnny

George, Les and staff,

We would like to thank you for your donation to the United Way in memory of Gunther. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. But, above all, thank you for the caring, excellent service you provided our family. Although these things are never easy, you provided us with some piece of mind that everything would be looked after.

Thank you,

The Schlange Family

Dear Les and staff of George Darte Funeral Home,

We cannot adequately express our appreciation for all you have done an continue to do for us - you exceeded all of our expectations during a very painful and trying time. Never have we met a group of more caring and professional people (not always an easy combination). We will continue to recommend you to anyone in need of your services.

With love and thanks,

Maree, Art and Sharon

To George Darte and staff,

We the family of the late Roger C. want to thank you for the professional but very caring attention you gave us all and continue to give at a very hard time in our life. Thanks you for everything. We are sure Roger is very happy and thankful also.

Thanks again,

Elsie C.

Gregory and staff at George Darte Funeral Home,

We wish to express our sincere gratitude for your exceptional service and compassion during this most difficult time. Your kindness and attention to detail put us at ease, and helped to plan the visitation that our mother would have wanted.


Husband and children of Margaret T.

Dear Krystal,

Thank you for all your help in planning Gary's funeral and all your support afterwards too. Thanks for the Mass card and to George Darte and staff for being supportive to me and my family. I never expected all those people to come but it was a great tribute.

Thanks again,

Sue B. and family


On behalf of my mother, my sisters and the whole Pogoda family, I would like to sincerely thank you and the George Darte Funeral Home staff for all that you have done for us over the last few weeks. The care and compassion you have shown along your professionalism and attention to detail was very much appreciated by all. I commend you and your staff for helping us get through this difficult time.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you,

The Pogoda Family

Dear George Darte Staff,

On behalf of all of our family, we have been blessed with the support provided to us by your team. Within the past year the loss of our mom and recently our step-dad has been a most challenging time. You have all assisted us with compassionate and excellent service. Thank you for the "Gift" plaque as well as the donation to the United Way in memory of our step-father. We send a special THANKS to Shirley, Les and Ian for their special tender ways at the funeral home, chapel service and interment. As we will never forget our mom and step-dad...we also will never forget our friends at the George Darte Funeral Home.

Many Thanks,

Debi W.

Dear George Darte,

I was unable to visit the visitation and service of this fine man. However, the family expressed their sincere and heartfelt expressions to me that all the family were pleased with the details and the sincere and heartfelt intentions intentions of the George Darte Funeral Home. I have in the past attended funerals at your home and was also very impressed. Your staff are truly capable of making the transitions of death peaceful for both the deceased and the families of the deceased. Your website is of great assistance for those of us who are not able to attend the ceremony at the time and so beautifully laid out.

Keep up the excellent service!!!

Colleen I.

Dear Shirley,

Thank you so much for your help, understanding and patience that you showed us during such a difficult time. You were there for us throughout everything. Even on the Friday when we were in a panic. We will never forget all you did for us!

Don & MIchelle L.

Megan and I would like to thank you Les and your staff for treating Wanda with class and dignity at her most vulnerable time. Our family appreciates the way in which everything was handled "Top Notch." Your donation is appreciated as well. My family was also treated with compassion and for that we are truly grateful.

Chris and Megan B.

George Darte and Staff,

We appreciate your sensitivity, efficiency and professionalism in helping us put our husband and father to rest. We especially would like to thank Krystal for her patience and understanding and for making us comfortable throughout the whole process.

We also appreciate the support and caring given to us from Gary Bowman. The aftercare director provided to us certainly put our minds at ease. You all have made a very difficult time in our lives much easier to bear.

Thank you again,

Mildred, Pat and Donna M.

Dear Mr. Darte,

We attended the funeral home yesterday from Niagara College for a customer service project and were very pleased with the information received from Shirley Proulx. Ms. Proulx made us feel very welcomed and answered all our questions in a professional manner.

Thank you for allowing her to finish the meeting with us as you took on her responsibilities. Our customer service project will reflect Shirley's input and experience and with this we are sure to do well.

Please express our appreciation to all of those who were involved.


Mimi B. and Nadia R.

Dear Paul and staff,

Thank you very much for having Kathleen work with you this year. She had a great experience and learned a lot about becoming a funeral director. I look forward to working with you in the future!


Leslie W.

Dear Les,

The Viscek family extend our deepest gratitude to you for all your kindness and compassion during the recent loss of our dear husband, father and grandfather Ladislav "Lado" Viscek. Special thank you for your guidance and patience. Your kind, caring and professional mannerism was truly a source of comfort and eased our pain and fear during this time of sadness. Thank you so much for standing by our side and making yourself available to fulfill the required funeral arrangements. Les, we are very grateful to have been treated with such respect, compassion and dignity.


Mary, Kathy, Lado, Linda and Family

George Darte and staff,

The Candle Light service was so beautiful. I ever saw anything so beautiful, very well organized. Thank you and to the staff for a job very well done, even the Bereavement Classes are great and the teachers. Keep up the great work.

Merry Christmas to you all and even the dog Winston!

Mary F.

Thanks you to all concerned at George Darte Funeral Chapel for your kindness for Cecil P. It is very much appreciated by our family. We cannot express enough praise on your funeral director Krystal Riddell. She was with us at every step of the way. When we cried she consoled and when we laughed she showed such warmth with a hug. She eased the pain of saying "goodbye" to our beloved Cec.

Thank you Krystal. You are forever in our hearts -

Constance and family

To Management and staff,

My family and I would like to thank you for all the help given to me in regards to the funeral of my aunt Elizabeth M. Thanks to the gentleman I spoke to who gave me the name of florist nearby. We were able to have balloons sent to your funeral home for the younger children to release. I would like to also congratulate you on your website. The book of memories and condolence sections are excellent!

It was so good to be able to send our messages to our cousins especially as we live here in Australia.

Thank you again,

Sue M.

Dear George and Gregory,

Just a note of thanks for very touching Candlelight Service of remembrance for our loved ones. With Christmas approaching it will a difficult time for all and for me the service was more step in my healing process. Please "thank" your staff who did such a great job with the planning and organizing of this well attended service. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

Loretta Y.

To George, Gregory Darte and Staff,

We want to thank you and your staff for making a difficult and emotional experience so stressless. The calmness and easy access for our friends and visitors created an atmosphere of community where bonding could take place. We especially want to thank Krystal for her kindness and thoughtfulness. She was extremely professional in her manner.

Thank you for having a Mass said for Rod at the Cathedral. The family appreciates your kindness.

Thank you again,

Fraser Family

To George Darte,

Re: Vanessa Shannon

This is a letter to inform you what a positive experience it was when we attended in October, 2011 to pre-arrange our funerals.

Vanessa had all of the qualifications mentioned in our "Family Assessment' survey of the pre-arrangement presentation and more. We came away feeling relieved that we had achieved our goal and have nothing but praise for the way we were treated.

Thanks. We will certainly recommend you.


Norma J. and Jim G.

George, Gregory Darte & Staff,

Thank you for the Mass request in honour of Richard. Your kindness shown to our family during this difficult time will never be forgotten. Krystal's support and guidance was invaluable and we thank her for her compassion. Cindy's memorial DVD is something we will cherish forever. Your staff members were attentive from the time of visitation to the cemetery, and we truly thank you.

The after care visit by Ian was appreciated and I was grateful for his assistance.

Many thanks again,

Emily M.

George, Gregory, Natalie Fyke and the G.D.F.C. Staff,

Thank you so much for your donation to the United Way in memory of Paul P. Our family was truly over-whelmed with the way you "personalized" Paul's life. It was a beautiful tribute to "our loved one" and the way he lived his life.

Thank you to the Staff for their guidance and compassion during Paul's visitation and funeral service.

Gail, Brian and Cherie P.

Words cannot express our deepest gratitude for everything you did for our family. Gregory, everyone of your staff touched each one of us in a different way. The support and love they gave us, truly helped at a very difficult time.

Thank you for being the kind person you are. Last but never forgotten, Mr. "Winston." Thank you for bringing such joy into our lives especially "Moms." You have been given the title comfort dog as you truly deserve it.

The Richards Family

It is rare that I have been moved to comment in writing about the excellence which has been bestowed upon our family.

I wish to thank  the George Darte Funeral Home organization and particularly Gregory for his patient, delicate and diplomatic manner at a time when our family was grieving and in sorrow. We shall never forget your many suggestions and the professionalism demonstrated by your staff. Our family  shall always remember your kindness.


Eugene G.

To the Darte Family and staff,

Thank you so much for your very special support to my family on the death of my husband, Peter G. At a time when it seemed difficult to even think, everyone was so professional, courteous and kind. Nothing we asked for seemed too big or small, and we were very well taken care of.

Thank you, as well for the unexpected donation to the United Way made in Peter's memory; so thoughtful and so appreciated.


Jane G.

Dear George,

Please excuse me for calling you by your first name, but I feel I know you from being involved with Bereavement Ministry at St. Denis many years ago.

This note is just to tell you how very impressed my daughter, Donna, and Tom's daughter, Heather, were with the competence and kindness with which all matters were attended to in regard to Tom's passing and Memorial Service. The willing and caring assistance given in every matter made a most difficult time less unbearable. Please extend our gratitude to your staff.

Personally, I already knew of your leadership role in our community. You are an outstanding credit to the Darte name, not only carrying on the family tradition but in so many other ways. Your parents must be very proud of you in heaven!

God bless you for all the good you do!


Marcia P.

To George Darte and Staff,

We would like to extend our special thanks for your professionalism and care in handling our mom's final funeral arrangements.

George, we appreciate your personal attention given to us on mom's funeral day and for dedicating a mass in her honour.

Ian, thanks for meeting with us and helping us with all the paper work involved.

Also, the luncheon at the funeral home was so well organized and by all. Overall, we were impressed by all the arrangements and will be forever grateful for mom's final "Send Off." Grazie -

Family of the later Carmina Damiano

To the George Darte Funeral Home staff,

Thank you for your compassion and assistance during a difficult time. Allowing the use of the urn ark for the 6 grandsons during the ceremony was a plus. Also, the video of the recording of the chapel service allowed the family members not able to attend the service a chance to see and hear what took place!

With thanks,

The Teed Family

We wish to extend a sincere thank you to all for Marina's celebration of life. We very much appreciate your kindness. You were so thoughtful and helpful during this time. Your skill and professionalism have surpassed our expectations. Although this is your business, you have surpassed the "business," and made us feel so comfortable during this time.

Thanks Kindly,

The Schumann Family

Hi Elizabeth, Mike, Alex, Mary and Marilyn,

On behalf of our family, we cannot THANK YOU all enough for all your endless assistance leading up to and throughout the service and reception. We did not have such "Hands on" help for the reception we had at another funeral home in London. Mary and Marilyn just took right over for us in the Kristen French Fellowship Hall and we did not have to concern ourselves with anything.

Alex was a real trooper in ensuring all is going as planned and a special "koodles" from me for getting the organ/piano sounding like an organ for my debut :)

Elizabeth and Mike....thank you both for making this very difficult time as effortless and seamless as possible. The service and celebrations of dad's life was truly beautiful and memorable and we have you all to thank for that.

Best to you all,

The Seaborne Family

I would like you to know how impressed several people were with the funeral of Krystyna Reed on Friday.  She had planned it well and the daughters carried through equally well but the girls were really pleased with the professional manner of staff and the ease with which everything was handled. 
It is a tribute to you for caring about your work as much as you do but it’s also quite a tribute to the way your staff conduct themselves, especially at a time when much of this has gone by the boards.
Also – Winston is much better behaved than some children I know – and much cuter;  he is a special and much appreciated addition
Thanks indeed
Patricia R.

Good afternoon, Mike:

On behalf of my family and me personally, may I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your utmost kindness and thoughtfulness in making sure that you left no stones unturned looking after my beloved Nonna.  I don't know what I would have done without you Mike.  You are the reason I can look back through this heartache knowing Nonna not only was in the best of hands, but she had your heart as well. Not only do I think of you as a business colleague, I think of you as a dear friend.  Thank you so much, once again.


Cyndi R.

Thank you so much.
Your Funeral Home is held in high regards by Gale and I. Back in 2001 our grandson, Jordon Crow died at age 29 hours. Your Company paid for the funeral and your Staff was so sweet and understanding and helpful. We just couldn’t believe how great you all were at that time. Our daughter, Heidi and her husband, Jeremy were Jordan’s parents and they still live in Niagara Falls and they compliment your Company every chance they get.

Best Regards,

Tim & Gale Paterson

Dear George & Gregory,

It was an honour to have had my sister, Ann Coulter's viewing & funeral at George Darte Funeral Home on March 1 & 2, 2015. The service and care your staff 
provided was nothing short of outstanding. In particular, it was very reassuring and comforting that Marilyn Rothwell was the first staff to greet us on Sunday and 
one of the last to bid us farewell on Monday afternoon. We met Marilyn on Tuesday February 24, 2015 at Niagara Hospice. She was there to comfort our family 
when Ann passed away. Her gentleness and kindness were much appreciated that very difficult morning. Having Marilyn greet us at your funeral homes days 
later felt so remarkably familiar and loving that it truly helped us through the emotional stresses of saying good-bye to Ann. 
George Darte Funeral Home created a beautiful environment in which to say good-bye to Ann.  The service provided far exceeded my expectations. Thank you,
Sonia Handziuk